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Helen Brownley

My yoga journey started back in 2010 when I lived in Australia, yoga came into my life at a time when I needed it most, I was working as a Scientist in a stressful corporate world but after practicing yoga for 6 months it dramatically reduced my stress and anxiety levels by giving me the tools I needed to get through a very difficult time.

After practicing for a few years and noticing dramatic changes to my body and mind I decided to study yoga in 2015 and completed my 200 hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Bali. I then started teaching yoga in Rhyl to friends and family, this then grew by word of mouth and I starting holding regular yoga classes in martial art centres in Rhyl. I then completed my 300 hr advanced Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in India in 2017, I also have specialised training in Yin Yoga and Meditation.

In 2018 I suffered a huge loss, sadly my mum passed away from Alzheimer’s. At this time I was still teaching yoga whilst holding down my other career, so I decided the time was right to teach my passion full time in honour of my mum, because life is just too short to work in a job that is not your passion.

That’s when I found a permanent base for my yoga studio in Rhyl. I wanted to recreate the beauty and serenity that I have experienced in the yoga studios I have been fortunate to practice in on my travels to Bali, Australia and India.

Many people ask me why I called my studio B-Yoga, there are two reasons for this, one because my last name is Brownley and two because everyday we should aim to be more yoga as yoga is far more than just a physical practice it is a way of being.

My main aim when teaching a yoga class is that for the 60 minutes you are there I want you to completely forget about your daily struggles, so much so that when you leave class you no longer think about them but instead appreciate everything that’s positive in your life right now.

I believe that kindness to yourself and kindness to others is fundamental to the practice of yoga.


Ceri Smith

My yoga journey actually started by accident. My boyfriend had been suffering with a bad back when his doctor recommended trying yoga. 

Slightly skeptical, we sought out a local yoga class and gave it a go. From that very first session, I was hooked! I had finally found something that challenged me physically whilst calming down my busy mind. 

After a few classes around the North Wales area, I finally found Helen in Rhyl. I have and continue to practice with Helen for almost 4/5 years now. From Martial Arts spaces to the gorgeous B-Yoga studio she has today. 

My desire for teaching sparked around 2 years ago, my personal practice had developed and with a background in creative arts and teaching it felt natural to combine them. 
With help, guidance and training from Helen over the space of a year, I had the opportunity to try some cover teaching. From there on, my love of teaching yoga grew and grew. 

And so, 2020 has been the year I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I did my training through Sampoorna Yoga School based in India. I now have my own set of regular classes at the B-Yoga studio and I’m so extremely grateful to share this wonderful practice with so many. 

Regardless of ability, gender, shape or size there is a yoga practice for everybody. My practice has taught me so much of who I am, and this happens both on and off the mat. I’m excited for the future as I continue to learn and share the joys of the yoga practice. 


Haley Withers

As a dedicated practitioner, student and teacher of yoga, I have spent the past 11 years immersing myself in all yoga has to offer from asana based movement to meditation and ritual. Growing up in the suburbs of Houston, I never felt that I fit in. My yoga practice became my escape - the place I could go to feel like me. Since leaving America at 18, I have been lucky enough to travel the world to study and explore different lineages of this practice, different movement modalities and explore many different teachers. All of these experiences blend together and show up in each class.

My teachings are playful yet deeply meaningful, slow yet strong, anatomically focused yet free form. Each moment is choreographed to guide you deeper into the now and your experience of it. I am constantly inspired by the sensory aspect of life - how we can taste, touch, smell, hear and see each and every moment. My classes reflect this through attention to detail of every aspect from when you step into the space - the sounds you hear, scents you smell, language you hear, images evoked and touches you feel.

From my personal experience of 11 years on the mat, I guide you to fully embody yourself through meditation, breathwork, yoga asana and other somatic & movement practices. I draw on many different movement practices to offer you a way to connect with yourself in this moment. Yoga is a practice of the now and continually drawing yourself back to this physical experience. I believe that playful curiosity should be the cornerstone of practice and that no class is complete without a "mmmmmhhhmmmm” sounds. Movement is delicious after all.

Haley teaches regular workshops at the studio.


Marianne Ball

Marianne travelled around the world and practiced yoga all along the way. She completed her 200hr YTT whilst studying on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. She specialises in Hatha, yin yoga and meditation.

Marianne Ball teaches a gentle hatha based flow which will move through a range of asanas incorporating some light core work with a short guided meditation for relaxation.

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