You are never too old, never too sick
and never too late in life to practice yoga

B.K.S Iyengar


Yoga Classes

Beginners Yoga

For beginners or students who want to re-learn the basics of yoga poses. The class consists of breath work, introduction into sun salutations and basic yoga poses along with relaxation. Beginner classes will help you grow confidence on the mat, get you to start tuning into your body and give you a taste of what yoga is about

The hardest part of the journey is always the beginning.
Don’t be afraid of being a beginner, you’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Fast moving fun yoga class, flowing with the breath, increasing strength & flexibility. Suitable for students who have practiced yoga or those who already have a base level of fitness.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Gentle)

Similar to the Vinyasa Flow Yoga but with a more gentle approach. Suitable for beginners who want to progress their practice. Also suitable for those who already have a base level of fitness.

Restorative Yin & Meditation

Get ready to completely relax!!

Guiding you through mindfulness techniques designed to de-stress & calm down the mind whilst practicing yin yoga; a slow-paced style of yoga where you hold relaxing floor-based restorative yoga poses for 5-8 minutes. Beginners welcome! No previous Yoga experience required.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness


Yin Yoga by Candlelight

Wind down your day with this peaceful, gentle yoga practice. A slow-paced style of yoga where you hold floor-based poses for 3-5 minutes in a relaxed atmosphere lit by candlelight. Beginners welcome! No previous Yoga experience required.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Gently moving and stretching your body in a slow paced yoga flow designed to ease off tension leaving you feel like you're floating on air. Beginners welcome! No previous Yoga experience required.

Yoga for ALL

Whether you're a beginner or a practiced yogi this class will have modifications to suit you. Taking it easy or pushing yourself to the next level when you feel ready. Combining yoga flows with longer holds, focusing on the breath.
Beginners welcome!

Yoga for Anxiety, Stress & Trauma

Anxiety, Stress & Trauma is more prevalent today than it has ever been! Sometimes it can all get a bit too much & you don't know what to do or where to turn to.

I will be creating a safe environment for you to practice Yoga. This Yoga class will be designed to help you to relax your body & mind so you can release tension, emotions & trauma from the inner layers of the body, whilst learning to live more in the present moment.

In this class you will not need any previous Yoga experience & you will not need to tell me any personal issues or traumatic events. There is no set style to this class so try not to anticipate anything, all you need is your body, your breath and to show up.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the yogic sleep, it allows your body to heal and regenerate, it reduces stress in the body and mind and takes you to the most relaxed state you could ever imagine. Plus its the equivalent of having 4 hours sleep!

But Yoga Nidra isn't just about rest and repair it is also about setting an intention, something personal to you that you desire to change or improve on in your life. That's why a regular Yoga Nidra practice helps to break bad habits and make changes you've always wanted to make, but it's done on a subconscious level.

We will start the evening with seated meditation, then for the rest of the evening you will lie on your back, we will go through some breathing techniques (pranayama) and then I will guide you on a journey of sensation through your body (Takes place on the last Friday of every month).

Yin & Sound Healing Event (Gong Bath)

Join Helen and Bhanu as they take you on a magical journey through Yin & Sound.

The evening will begin with a soothing Yin/Restorative Yoga practice followed by the mesmerizing sound vibrations of Bhanu's beautiful, healing gongs.

The gongs rich layer of overtones has a clearing effect on emotional issues which have been suppressed in the body, and the sound vibrations can break up negative and limiting thought patterns.
Your whole physical body is bathed in sound which allow aches and pains to often subside.

Yin is a beautiful slow paced yoga practice where floor based postures are held for long periods of time which helps to stretch the body whilst calming the mind.

This evening will create much needed space in the body with Yin followed by the healing powers of the gongs resulting in a powerful combination to deeply relax body and mind.

Takes place periodically throughout the year, check our bookings site for our next Yin & Sound Healing Event.

Beginners Yoga - 3 Week Course

This 3 week Yoga course is for COMPLETE BEGINNERS who want to learn the fundamentals of Yoga so you feel confident enough to join onto a regular Yoga class at the studio.

There are many different styles of Yoga from the more physically challenging to completely relaxing Yoga, so we guarantee after this course there will be a Yoga class on the timetable that suits you!

On this course you will be taught common Yoga poses with their correct alignments along with breathwork, meditation and relaxation techniques.

Yoga is not only for the young and flexible but for anyone who wants to de-stress, unwind and create flexibility and strength in the body. No-one EVER regrets starting Yoga...the hardest thing to do is to start!

Please note: you should be able to get on and off the floor with relative ease to take part in this course.

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